Surfskis for beginners – the brands’ perspective

orange ski

I’m getting heaps of questions through email and at events about what skis work best for beginners or intermediate paddlers, and I’m just about the least qualified person on the planet to be handing that advice out.

What I thought I’d do is ask a couple of manufacturers with reps in Sydney to explain in their own words what boats in their ranges are most suited to beginners.

Given my affiliation with the 2011 Summer Series event, run by the dynamic Dez Blanchfield of Blast Paddlers fame, I’ve asked series sponsors Carbonology and Stellar firstly and have also asked brands I use, Think and Epic, for comments. I’ll also reach out DD3, who I’ve been seeing quite a lot of recently, but know practically nothing about mainly because the blokes piloting those skis are usually packing up in the carpark by the time I finish And if Dean Gardiner has five minutes spare in his schedule, I’ll also ask about Fenn.:)

I’ll post as soon I get responses, so it won’t be on the basis of any particular allegiance or otherwise, just a discussion from the manufacturers about their boats. If there’s any others you’re keen to hear about, let me know and we’ll ask them.

I look forward to learning as much as the rest of you!

Cheers, Nat

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